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Nieu Bethesda tourism information and accommodation

Nieu Bethesda watermillLife in Nieu Bethesda potters along much as it did 130 years ago, when the village was founded. Stone water furrows still line the wide, dusty streets. Night skyscapes are unpolluted by streetlights, and the air is still fresh and clean. As always, the Compassberg watches over the village and Nieu Bethesdans still while away the hours on their stoeps, watching village life go by.

Accommodation in Nieu Bethesda

Nieu Bethesda accommodationAccommodation in Nieu Bethesda is both comfortable, quirky and offers all you need to make your stay memorable. The choice varies from a farmhouse to a backpacker lodge, from the spacious to the intimate. Most places are self catering, but meals are also readily available at a variety of venues around town. Wherever you book, allow extra time - in typical Nieu Bethesda style, this is one experience you won't want to end in a hurry.


The Owlhouse

The Owlhouse - Nieu Bethesda Helen Martins' Owl House, often cited as South Africa's finest example of outsider art, is an extraordinary, other-worldly home of concrete and ground glass sculptures. Her creativity conjures up an array of emotions: from wonder to excitement, curiosity and sadness.


Don't forget

Nieu Bethesda has no petrol, bank or credit card facilities. Fill up your tank and your wallet before you arrive!

Common misspellings of Nieu Bethesda

In 1878, when the town was first formed, the name nu Bethesda was misspelt as "Nieu Bethesda". "New Bethesda" is also popular. Other creative misspellings include: New, Nu, Nieuw, Niew, Bethesda, Betesda, Bathesda, Batesda, Bethesta, Betesta, Bathesta and Batesta.

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Nieu Bethesda weather

Sunrise : 23.09.2014 06:10   Sunset : 23.09.2014 18:1806:10
New Moon
Tuesday 23.09.2014
15°C Light rain from north-northeast
3.3 m/s
0.5 mm
Light rain, 3.3 m/s, North-northeast, Light breeze. 0.5 mm. 1020.1 hPa
Light rain15°C
from north-northeast
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