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The Karoo Lamb

Karoo Lamb Restaurant Nieu BethesdaKaroo Lamb Restaurant Nieu BethesdaKaroo Lamb Restaurant Nieu BethesdaOutsiders - Nieu Bethesda

The Karoo Lamb is diagonally opposite the Owl House. From the stoep of the restaurant, you can watch the ‘traffic’ go by.

Breakfast is served all day. Enjoy home-made bread, jams and cottage cheese; farm butter and cereals along with tea, filter coffee and juice. Mouth-watering bacon, eggs and Karoo wors are cooked to perfection in Nieu-Bethesda's largest frying pan.

Local lamb and venison are often on the menu for light lunches and evening meals. With a bit of warning, we also create tasty vegetarian dinners.

The Pub

The Pub - Nieu Bethesda This the spot to watch big games and have a cold one after a hike.

Auntie Evelin se Plek

Aunty Evelyns - Nieu BethesdaAuntie Evelyn lives in the Nieu Bethesda township area of Pienaarsig. She and serves traditional food with township style. In her one-of-a-kind restaurant, she serves traditional, delicious food.

In summer, meals are served in the garden that overlooks the community sports field. In winter, meals are served in the merry shack and patrons are kept cosy by a heater and a cosy wood stove.

The menu is always changing, depending on what’s in season and what mood Auntie Evelyn is in. Dishes include boboties, bredies, samp-and-beans, vegetable dishes, soup and a choice of fresh bread and roosterkoek with homemade jam, a seasonal salad, and a yummy dessert. Auntie Evelyn also makes vegetarian meals.

Call Auntie Evelyn on 049 841 1774 or 072 109 7139.

Self catering

If self catering, it is best to bring most supplies with you. However, take heart. The Outsiders shop will gladly sell you some Nieu Bethesda lamb, locally made wors and firewood for mouth-watering Karoo braais. They also sell sheep's milk cottage cheese, home-baked bread, olives and wine for a picnic basket.

Weddings & conferences

Old Church Hall - Nieu BethesdaLittle Theatre - Nieu BethesdaYouth Travel Conference - Nieu Bethesda 2008

Nieu Bethesda is a magical place for a romantic wedding and the ideal place to host a conference with a difference or a reunion with old friends.


Your event can be held either in the Old Church Hall or the Little Theatre or both. Both are charming venues, well-suited to any type of events. The Old Church Hall has a well-equipped kitchen for mass catering.


The town can host an event with 120 delegates or guests. We will also do the catering, serving delicious meals and tea-time treats. Local ingredients, especially Karoo lamb will feature on the menu, and we can also serve tasty food for vegetarians.


There is no shortage of things for visitors to do in the time between activities. We can also arrange that visitors go on workshops with resident crafters, like Freddy who teaches people how to make goggas out of tin and wire. And the adults would find this fun too.


Delegates or guests will be accommodated in several places around the village. Because the village is so small, there is no need for anyone to drive anywhere - they can walk to where they need to be. At the same time, people get a sense of privacy and space because they're spread around the village instead of all staying in one place. Accommodation options vary from small and cosy to bigger places able to sleep big groups of ten or more.

Our successes

Nieu Bethesda has seen a few weddings, but our real achievement was hosting the 2008 Youth and Adventure Travel Conference, which saw over 120 delegates and speakers, including big names like Cheryl Carolus visit Nieu Bethesda. Click here to read more...


The Village Inn

The Village Inn - Nieu BethesdaThe Village Inn is in the same street as the Owl House. Meals and refreshments are served from 8:00 in the morning. You can either sit in the inn’s cosy interior of soak up the sun in the peaceful back garden.

Sneeuberg Brewery & 2Goats Deli

A visit to the Sneeuberg Brewery and the adjoining 2Goats Deli is perfect for sundowners after a peaceful Karoo day. Order a cheese platter and an ale, and shoot the breeze while the sun makes its descent over the Sneeuberg Mountains.

The brewery and deli is essentially a one-man show and the beer and cheese served here are made by the owner. Even the coffee is roasted on site.

The beer is free of preservatives or additives using only malt, hops and natural spring water. There are three difference ales: the crisper more bitter Karoo Ale, the slightly sweeter Honey Ale and the smoky dark Roasted Ale.

The cheeses are made from raw cow and goats milk using traditional methods. The Dexter cattle and Saanen goats produce naturally wholesome milk after feeding on pasture and Karoo veld. There’s a range of hard and soft cheeses that can be eaten plain or with herbs and spices.

The only item on the menu is the cheese platter that’s accompanied by a kudu salami, roasted olives, home baked bread and a garden salad.


Don't forget

Nieu Bethesda has no petrol, bank or credit card facilities. Fill up your tank and your wallet before you arrive!

Common misspellings of Nieu Bethesda

In 1878, when the town was first formed, the name nu Bethesda was misspelt as "Nieu Bethesda". "New Bethesda" is also popular. Other creative misspellings include: New, Nu, Nieuw, Niew, Bethesda, Betesda, Bathesda, Batesda, Bethesta, Betesta, Bathesta and Batesta.

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