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  • sneeuberg brewery
  • sneeuberg brewery

A visit to the Sneeuberg Brewery and the adjoining 2Goats Deli is perfect for sundowners after a peaceful Karoo day. Order a cheese platter and an ale, and shoot the breeze while the sun makes its descent over the Sneeuberg Mountains.

The brewery and deli is essentially a one-man show and the beer and cheese served here are made by the owner. Even the coffee is roasted on site.

The beer is free of preservatives or additives using only malt, hops and natural spring water. There are three difference ales: the crisper more bitter Karoo Ale, the slightly sweeter Honey Ale and the smoky dark Roasted Ale.

The cheeses are made from raw cow and goats milk using traditional methods. The Dexter cattle and Saanen goats produce naturally wholesome milk after feeding on pasture and Karoo veld. There’s a range of hard and soft cheeses that can be eaten plain or with herbs and spices.

The only item on the menu is the cheese platter that’s accompanied by a kudu salami, roasted olives, home baked bread and a garden salad.